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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"What part of ILLEGAL don't they understand?"

Oftentimes I have heard people justify their hateful attitudes toward los indocumentados by saying that they don't oppose LEGAL immigration, only ILLEGAL immigration. To me, the legality of their entry into this country has always been pretty far down the list of what's really important. Why? Is it because I have no regard for the law? Don't I realize the importance of the rule of law in maintaining order? No, it's because people are suffering, and that's more important than any law. Kyle from Immigration Orange summed it up for me beautifully:

"We have to look beyond temporary fixes like walls and securities and consider the global climate that is forcing these migrants to leave in the first place. Whether their movement is legal or illegal should not be the question, the question should be whether or not what is happening to them is just or unjust. We have to move away from questions of legality to questions of justice, and anyone that has interacted with migrants on any level will conclude that what is being done to them is unjust."


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