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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Documentary: Valley of Tears

SnagFilms has released a film that looks at the migrant labor community around Raymondville, Texas (home of this horrible place, where my friend Rudi spent several months), throughout the nearly 30 years since the 1979 onion workers' strike. It's the story of the workers' struggle for equality and a better life.


Blogger daniel said...

my name is daniel ambriz i still live in raymondville, things have not changed much- only the people have.the onion harvest is alomost but gone here- machines replaced us- so we wonder off to near by towns like harlingen brownsville and such to find work- we do have a new prison grounds built just south of raymondville that has brought a new problem to our town- its called coruption. but life goes on- i will die here in raymondville to be barried alongs side my family that was here since the mid 1800's. and life will continue, but still i am so proud to have been part of this film. and by the way - yes, we would get spanked if we spoke spanish in school-- lol God bless america-ps i was in my 20's when i was part of this stike now i am 57 years old

8/11/2009 11:45 AM  

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