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Monday, November 03, 2008

¿Y Que?

Sunday morning as Luis and I were leaving the Western Union office, I pointed to the headline on the local paper: "Obama aunt illegally living in U.S."

"Mira, la tia de Obama es una indocumentada." I said, wondering what he would think of this earth shattering news.

He raised his eyebrows, and shrugged, and said, so what? Everyone at some point arrived here illegally.

This is the reaction of one who is also labeled indocumentado. Undocumented. Illegal. This is the reaction of an indigenous Mexican.


Blogger Vicente Duque said...

Janna :

Thanks for beautiful, wonderful and yes, literary website. Continue the Good Works.

I will continue visiting your blog, in order to see important news and opinions.

Some friends were having some exchange on the topic of the Sheriff that puts mothers of little children in jail for little traffic offenses, but only if the lady is Latina.

And I remember the horrible movie that I saw about the Nazis, the Gestapo and the Jews, and that prompted me to make my own research on Nazi Germany.

This Sheriff would have been a Great Asset in the Gestapo ( Stat Police ) of Nazi Germany. Brutal Thugs and Murderers to enforce Nazism with Sadism and Brutality.

The descriptions in the Diaries of Victor Kemplerer, a jew that survived by Miracle and by disguising to tell the truth. He was an intellectual Jew, a great professor and scientist. He wrote very famous books of History.

He tells us in vivid detail the life day by day in Dresden, Germany. ( Diaries 1933-1945 )

Jews were not allowed to have pets, so his cat was sacrificed, he was not allowed to have books or read books, not even Nazi Books. He was not allowed to have paper or appliances in the Juden Haus. Most vegetables and foods were forbidden for Jews.

He survived by having non Jewish friends who gave him paper and hid his diaries and notes.

During his last days under Nazi regime, he hid from the Nazis, and disguised himself to escape because he was going to be executed.

Hitler also considered all the Jews as Illegal Aliens.

Hitler and the Nazis : The Perversion and Degradation of the German Language - Insidious Propaganda

More information on the Nazis, the second class nonCitizens, and the Spartan Hellots in here :

and here :

Vicente Duque

1/12/2009 3:45 PM  
Blogger janna said...

You know, Vicente, some people scoff whenever we draw parallels between Nazi Germany and the injustices we see happening here today in our own country. But it's a slippery slope, once a few people within our country start losing their rights, or when the rights they have start getting trampled in the name of "national security" and immigration status, then no one is really safe. Today, they pull people over and detain them for being latino and "suspected" illegal immigrants; tomorrow, they'll break down your door and imprison you for writing blogs that question the right of the Dept of Homeland Security to violate people's civil rights. It's not so far fetched.

1/12/2009 4:16 PM  

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