La Mariposa en la Pared

The everyday experiences of latino immigrants through the eyes of an outsider. Las vidas típicas de unos inmigrantes latinos a través de los ojos de una forastera.

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"To me it’s always interesting when you get accepted somewhere you don’t really belong. It’s interesting when people open up and let you in their world." - Gilles Mingasson

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Know The Truth

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Loving, Part 2

In the Bible, this is called "agape love." This is exactly what I have tried but failed to explain, but that has become more apparent to me since the morning of February 24th. This kind of love is not a feeling; to describe it as a feeling is to make it something fleeting. It's the kind of love you choose, the kind of love that doesn't change, but that changes you forever.
"The most mutually respectful of emotions, where your fate is entwined with another’s, where you could never be truly safe if they are in danger, truly free if they are imprisoned, truly happy if they are unhappy. We call it love. I don’t just mean romantic love... . I mean the moral, even spiritual love --- a deep feeling of connection to other human beings, that their struggles are our struggles, their pain our pain, and that no one person’s happiness or security or hopes for the future can be rightly put above any one else’s."

Sally Kohn, Movement Vision Labs.